Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fun with Microsoft TabletPC Experience Pack 2.0

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Thanks to the wonderful folks at the forum on TabletPC Buzz, I found out this morning that the Experience Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC had finally been released by Microsoft. I installed it tonight and started playing around with it, pasting some of the captures in Word.

I love the new interface and the ability to annotate. If not for OrangeGuava Inkable Keys, I'd probably miss the ability to have the tool running resident and accessible from the system tray; as it is, I simply created a custom key so that I could write "snip" in the OGIK custom key to fire up the app.

The new and improved Snipping Tool isn't the only exciting application to be found in the Experience Pack, of course; it's just the only one for which I was waiting. There's an updated Crossword Power Toy (the old one will do for me, I think), the Art Rage (called "Ink Art" by Microsoft) drawing app (I have it already) from Ambient Design, the Energy Blue Theme Pack (divested of its bugs from its earlier solo release, Microsoft MVP Spencer Goad assures me), a Desktop Writing Tool (nice, but I already have OrangeGuava Desktop), and a Media Transfer app (will not install on my Tablet, citing a lack of windows Media Player 10, which I do not want).

All things considered, this Experience Pack is an exciting release for the growing ranks of TabletPC enthusiasts; a definite enhancement to the TabletPC experience, one that is a good bit overdue, but no less welcome.


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