Thursday, December 14, 2006

RIM to Samsung: You Can't be Black, Because WE'RE Black!

BlackBerry pusher Research in Motion (RIM) is suing Samsung over the naming of the Korean tech company's recent smartphone offering, the BlackJack. According to RIM, having the word "Black" in the name of a device that has a similar form factor will confuse consumers, causing the poor, dumb sheep unsuspecting souls to think that the Samsung product is connected with RIM. Even better, they're also suing over the Black Carbon, a phone that doesn't even remotely resemble a BlackBerry.

Give some of us a little credit, here, RIM!

So what's next? Should expert martial artists start wearing grey belts? Should we eliminate blackjack at casino tables to prevent misdirected tech support calls? Perhaps RIM will want BlackICE software to change their name to InvisibleICE!

Alright, so I'm exaggerating a little. Black belts, blackjack and the BlackICE products do not look similar to a BlackBerry. However, I think RIM's being a bit naive, here. Nothing will prevent people from thinking that a non-RIM device is associated with RIM. Trust me on this; I have had to explain all too often that my Tablet PC is not a "Palm Pilot."

via PDAStreet

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