Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fun CES Bits from Those Who Could Go

The most hilarious blog post I've read about CES 2007 has to be the one from NeekTalk. I laughed out loud at what they said about the Keynote. Go read it. If I were Bill Gates, I'd eventually end up flattered!  This may be the list time in history that teenaged girls called him "cute."

While they warned that it would not give your laptop the gaming power of a dedicated rig, Engadget declares the Asus XG Station "ready to game."

The guys of jkOnTheRun found the new HP Pavilion tx 1000 Tablet PC. They have pictures.

Gizmodo's Zune was socially snubbed in the CES press room.

CNet has a gallery of photos and videos.

Craig Pringle couldn't actually go, but he let's us know what would be in his Geek bag if he went. I feel a copycat mood coming on!



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Sarah Heiny said...

Haha, thank you for linking to us. :) Bill Gates is cute.


The Miniature Mage said...

After reading that post, there was no question. I just had to go out and find a few more items to go with it.

I'll take your word on the Bill thing, since I'm not ever going to see him IRL. My boss has seen him speak; maybe it I stole his job, I'd have a chance, but who wants to manage a bunch of techs?

Thanks for stopping by!