Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is Your PC Feeling Blue?


Never had I seen blue PC memory until today, though I'd seen the blue boards on notebook hard drives long before. I do like the color, but It was a bit of a shock. It's like taking away a kid's favorite, tattered blanky and giving her a new one. I'm surprised at how attached I really am to the familiar, comforting green.


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Chris Magnusson said...

First red video cards and now blue memory? Blasphemy, I say!

The Miniature Mage said...

Oh no, they have red video cards?! I'm not sure how to take this, and that's coming from someone who was all too happy to order a forest green Inspiron in 2000. That poor fellow died two years ago (when I needed him most...GRRRR), and I still haven't tossed him out, because he is different! I keep entertaining the notion of finding a 3800 motherboard on eBay...

I had no problem with buying a gold-colored motherboard from Asus a few years ago, but I'm not doing red.