Friday, February 29, 2008

Sprint's $100 "Simply Everything(SM)" Plan

Major "attaboys" to Sprint for their announcement of a plan allowing users to have unlimited voice, data, text, GPS, etc for a monthly fee of $99.99. I knew I kept those guys around for a reason. I do take issue with their statement about using all your phone's features any time without worrying, since they specifically exclude the tethering feature.

Sprint Everything No Tether

I'm not griping, though. I don't think any company could offer all that with tethering for a hundred bucks a month(not if they wanted to stay in business). Not in the US, yet, though I don't know why.

Go, Sprint! Show "Unlimited means secretly limited" Verizon and the others how we want it! Hey, Verizon, can you read Sprint, now?


via InfoWeek



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