Sunday, July 13, 2008

Manufacturers: Don't Break the WinMo Basics!

It's true that Windows Mobile phone manufacturers need to make sure that their users don't lack for cool, efficient features. Ignoring progress and the desires of the end-user is one sure way to lose the game, and I must applaud the efforts that HTC, Palm et al make to try address the demands that Microsoft didn't or couldn't meet. However, making the devices more useful should not break the basic workings of the OS and make life hell for the developers (and their customers). We all need the developers, because Microsoft and the hardware makers simply can't give all of the consumers everything we want. Tablet experts know we need developers. I think even Apple even admits that developers make the world go round, if the opening of the iPhone App Store is any indication.

Look, manufacturers, I'm sure it's difficult to make a great phone and then make it work with someone else's operating system. I surely couldn't do it. However, as your consumer, and one who doesn't want to get stuck with AT&T or a BlackBerry, I'm asking you to be good to the developers and let the basic stuff keep working. Seriously, if you make my developers leave the fields of Bliss for the Orchard, I'm going to be one unhappy tapper.

Oh, and to Sprint and HTC, I'm loving GPS on my Mogul. Didn't even see much of a need for it two years ago. Thanks!


Sumocat said...

Opinions like Alex's bode poorly for iPhone competitors. If the problem is fragmentation, then the all-controlling Apple is in prime position to dominate.

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