Thursday, November 20, 2008

iPhunny: be careful deploying Google Apps to your users

If you are one of the hordes of IT heroes supporting iPhones in your organization, take heed. Be very careful demonstrating the coolness of Google Mobile App's Voice Search. Today, a co-worker called to ask me about Google on her phone, and I talked her through getting the app installed. As we were ending the call, I mentioned that she could now talk to her iPhone to get searches done. Of course, now having said this, I was expected to demonstrate it. I had a few minutes to wait while some software installed on a laptop I'm getting ready for a new employee, so I wandered over.

After gesticulating wildly at the pertinent spots on the screen, repeating myself a couple of times, and then suggesting a random search topic (her favorite tennis player), the first successful search attempt was innocuous enough. However, my friend decided to do another search, this time for "pattycake." I couldn't resist telling her that her phone obviously knew her, when the first link proved to be for something called "Sexy Pattycake." I'm not even going to think about that one much.

My co-worker was delighted (with the phone's new functionality, of course), and she needed to show someone else. Amidst the corrals cubicles, she found an unsuspecting gentleman and told him to think of a search. She pressed the screen, and he said, "beautiful redheads." My friend immediately began reading off the first hit, "Beautiful redheads dancing nak..." and the rest was sort of obscured by the sudden realization that she should stop reading (and by the laughter of all around).

Love the tech, but by pattycake, be careful out there!


Anonymous said...

You stumbled upon Pattycake's tease site by accident. she's a legend on the Net and deserves respect fro enduring well over seven years as an Internet model, and getting better all the time. Geeks love her.

The Miniature Mage said...

You know, I don't doubt some lonely geeks out there love Pattycake, but that's definitely not a site I'd recommend anyone visit. That goes triple for when checking out a new app on the iPhone at work. You can't deny that watching 'cake do her, uh, job can result in the viewer's losing his or hers. I do thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!