Saturday, January 10, 2009

iKeepass (and those of us who need it) waiting on Apple to recover from holiday binging


KeePass is an application I’ve relied upon for years. Not only does it keep my many passwords in one encrypted file, but there are builds for Windows, Pocket PC, Linux, OS X, BSD, BlackBerry, PalmOS and J2ME. In addition to that, it’s portable. Ever since I got my secondhand iPhone, I’ve been waiting for KeePass to be made available for that device. Until tonight, the last I’d read was that the developer was still working out the kinks; now I know from his blog that he’s simply playing the waiting game that’s so familiar to iPhone devs. I’m not a patient geek, so I’m blogging about this. I know Apple will never know, but I need to post something, anyway; why not “APPLE, GET OFF YOUR BAKED CORES AND FREE THIS APP; IT’S BEEN A MONTH!”



Anonymous said...

I agree!! What's the big holdup. We rely on keepass and we want our iKeePass now!

my 2c