Monday, April 06, 2009

The new FriendFeed beta – what I want

If you don’t know about the new look and functionality that is being scrutinized by the FriendFeed beta users as of today, then you probably aren’t reading this (unless you’re a family member). There’s a lot of talk going on about whether or not the real-time feature should be the default, whether the color scheme is tragic, or even how much it might resemble a certain other popular social media service. Lindsay D., well-known FFer, suggested that we FFans (well, the graphically-oriented ones, anyway) draft a comp with how we want our FF to work. Never mind what I’ve been doing with my new Dell Mini 9, my little brain decided this was a blogging opportunity I couldn’t miss.


The above screenshot shows roughly what I see in the FriendFeed beta now. Compare/contrast with the below:


As you can see, my mock-up does away with the grey that seems to offend so many and replaces it with a lovely aqua. Sadly, I’m not graphically-oriented, so the uneven coloring is due to the edits I was doing with the grey background before I re-colored. More important than the color, though, is the ability (optional, of course) to have a preview of a subscription area before I click. How many times have I seen (under the current live UI) that there was an update to a room an hour ago, but I go to that room to find I’ve already read the latest news? If I could see the last two or three entries of certain rooms or contributors on my sidebar, I could determine beforehand if it might be worth a click-through; a plus would be that I could absorb more information without having to leave the main page (or, as I often do, open another tab or page) at all. Sure, this stuff all scrolls through the main feed, but sometimes it flies right past my face before I know it; that’s what happens to those of us who want to know it all.

These couple of features aren’t all I want out of FriendFeed, but this is something I wanted to get out there. Maybe I’ll have more later, but if you read this blog, you know how likely that really is!


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