Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dane-Elec 512mb miniSD cards $20 at Office Depot

Wandered into Office Depot last night hoping to find an inexpensive 1gb miniSD and screen protectors for my Pocket PC Phone. While I didn't find either, I did find an employee with the same model phone (geeking ensued!) and Dane-Elec's 512mb miniSD card for $19.99. These cards and others are priced similarly on the web site. Despite the fact that I had recently forked out $30 for a SanDisk of the same capacity, I couldn't resist. I'm sure it will come in handy as extra storage, and when I finally decide to bug SanDisk about my miniSD-to-SD adapter's apparent lack of functionality, if the Dane-Elec's adapter works, I will have something concrete to tell the folks at SanDisk.

Thanks to the SD card problems experienced mainly by (but not solely by) owners of the Dell Axim X5, I have known about Dane-Elec for a few years, and I'm not sure how I managed not to own a Dane-Elec until now. Since buying my first flash memory-using device in 2002--my Casio Cassiopeia BE-300--I have purchased a lot of flash memory, including Compact Flash and Secure Digital.

Despite the fact that my last few posts have been about Pocket PCs, I haven't forgotten what drove me to start blogging. I couldn't help but play with the Gateway Convertible Notebook before leaving the store!