Wednesday, August 30, 2006

BREITBART.COM - RadioShack Uses E-Mail to Fire Employees

BREITBART.COM - RadioShack Uses E-Mail to Fire Employees

As I said when commenting on the young lady who was fired by text message, something like this is surely the way I'd want to be informed that I would perforce need to find a new source of funding for my tech addiction. However, I'm not so sure the rest of the working world is ready for such an impersonal manner of telling people that they must find another way to feed their families. Yes, I know the employees were forewarned that there would be notices, and electronic ones at that, but how many times have we been warned that electronic communication, missing the nuance of face-to-face (or even voice-only) interaction, often comes across to the recipient as cold and even hostile? Is this really the way a corporation wants to be perceived by the people they (at least once) deemed indispensable resources crucial to company success? Is this how they want their customers to view them?

Some of my earliest memories -- childhood, of course -- are of the excitement of going to Radio Shack to redeem the coupons for free beach balls or to join the battery club and get a free battery a month (I guess I was just destined to be a geek). Though I have bestowed upon CompUSA a nickname reserved for a certain sacred city I haven't the courage to spell out, Radio Shack has remained a staple for me. For example, it's the only place in town where I have been able to buy earbud covers for my iPod Shuffle, my Sprint PPC-6700's hands-free kit, and various other audio devices, and I've rarely thought of going anywhere else for my audio and cable accessories, adapters, etc. Tonight, I wonder if my loyalty (or that of any other individual for Radio Shack) goes just one way...or if I'm just over-reacting.

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