Monday, August 07, 2006

TrmN8ted? WTF?

If I'm going to be terminated from a job, I think I'd prefer it carried out the way it was done to Katy Tanner. Let's avoid that face-to-face, courteous stuff, so I can keep my pride cool.

Please don't have security escorting me out. Yeah, just wait until I'm at home and text me, Blue Banana style. Let me mail in my ID, pager, phone and...can I keep the Tablet?

Seriously, I'd rather my new former employer didn't see the tears rolling down my face as I realize my tech budget, never high enough, has just gone into the negative numbers.

Just so you know, my dear decision-makers of the azure fruit, while you and I are cool, I think most other people would find such a measure to be quite on the tacky side. Perhaps it would be more professional to photograph a pink slip and send it via MMS.

From Yahoo! News, via Gizmodo