Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Got a Guy! I Got a Guy!

I (re)wrote a song about it to the tune of "American Pie." I'm in a Weird Al mood; what can I say?

Not so many months ago
I did pine and carry on so
Because I wanted a Tablet Guy
And often did I envision
Swimming with him in Grand Cayman
And pushing him down the cruise ship's waterslide
But such a dream was not to be
Tablet Guy eluded me
I cruised without the square
I told myself I didn't care
I s'pose he never left my thoughts
As solace in new toys I sought
And then a package I had got
Inside it, a head with a Mohawk

Oh my, my, I finally got a foam guy!
In my chair, he was there, and I did not know why
I shredded his wrapping and threw my hands to the sky
Shouting "Microsoft, you did hear my cries, Microsoft, you did hear my cries!""

Uh, maybe one day I'll finish it, but you get my point, right?

May the Fource be with you, too!