Sunday, October 08, 2006

There, Back and Off Again: A Motion LE1600's Tale

For anyone who might have caught my posts at Tablet PC Blogs about my troubles with the LE1600 I got from work, here's a much-overdue

About three weeks after getting my RMA for the slate and its convertible keyboard (the backspace key had gone missing, and Motion couldn't just send me another key), I finally had my fourteen gigabytes of data moved to various locations and the disk sanitized.
Work was pulling me in different directions, so I didn't get the items shipped until Monday, September 25th.





To my astonishment, the keyboard was back that Thursday. Sure, I expected it was simple enough to fix, but I honestly didn't expect such an efficient turnaround!

The slate, itself? Back a mere seven days after I watched it leave(BRAVO, Motion!). Unfortunately, I won't get to judge the repair job; I had to give the tablet up so that some individuals in my organization could take it for a trial run and see if they want to deploy a bunch of these beauties in the enterprise.I'm back to using my ViewSonic V1250. I'm not sure how to feel; on one hand, I lost a great machine, but on the other hand, I've been wanting my employer to put this great technology to use, and my loss could help to see that happen (although, I must admit, there have been other trials, and those got nowhere).

(This seemed like a great opportunity to try out the Flickr Inkifier plug-in for Windows Live Writer.)