Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pocket PC Thoughts - UTStarcom Reveals PPC6800


Since I bought my PPC-6700 / HTC Apache in June, I've always wondered why Sprint didn't have a Pocket PC Phone that looked more like the Cingular 8125. I'm not one of those folks, but some people really seem to get poked out of shape by the 6700's protruding antenna. Personally, while I respect the 8125 as a device (and very nearly bought one), I think it resembles an overweight Twinkie that someone spray-painted silver.

Getting back on track, it looks like my wondering days are ending. Apparently UTStarcom showed off pictures of the 6700's successor, the PPC6800, at CTIA, and it looks pretty much like the HTC Wizard / Cingular 8125.

It looks like the new phone's slide-out keyboard will have the slightly larger keys that the 8125 users enjoy, but there aren't a whole lot of techie details to peruse, yet. There are only tantalizing pictures.

I, for one, hope that the issue with the symbol keys being undiscernible in the dark will be resolved. PPC-6700 users will note that the picture depicts the letters printed on the keyboard of the 6800 as being red, while the symbols and numbers appear to be blue, which is the exact opposite of the current 6700. This may not mean anything, as an early 6700 demo model reviewed at Pocket PC Thoughts had white letters with red symbols/numbers.

I have to wonder if the new device will also have the same collapsible stylus that the 8125 has. I really prefer the 6700's stylus. Of course, what I prefer is rather moot, since I probably won't be getting a new phone until June of 2008.