Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scoble: Ethan Kaplan at a Wifi-less, Expensive Conference

Fortunate Ethan Kaplan, blogger and Senior Director of Technology at Warner Bros. Records, got to go to a conference that costs $3500, but was annoyed to find there was no reliable internet access available there. Robert Scoble opined that Ethan should pony up a fraction more dough for wireless from a mobile carrier. Ethan finds that a fair enough statement, and so do I. See, I was at a free user group meeting today listening to Chris Reinhold [MSFT] introduce Microsoft Forefront, MS’s new security suite. While the meeting hosts were kind enough to provide an AirPort, I also had an EVDO phone with Sprint’s $15 a month Power Vision plan.

If I ever fulfill my dream of getting to attend a big, cool conference (I’d for settle attending one at 1/3 Kaplan's cost), I guess I’ll be ready, connectivity-wise. Anyone got any pointers for writing that justification for sending me to the next Tech.Ed?