Thursday, January 04, 2007

AMD Loves Craig Pringle?

With the exception of a comment on GigaOm, I've mostly refrained from commenting about the freebies (you know what freebies I'm talking about...Om called them Blogger Kryptonite). Of course, that's mostly because I want freebies, too (but not laptops; I'm only into Penabled computers and Pocket PC Phones), however I saw the headline "Another gift arrives from AMD for no apparent reason" in my feed and just started chuckling. It just struck me as funny, and I had to say something after that.

It doesn't bother me (other than the occasional pangs of jealousy) what other bloggers are given. I expect if I work hard enough, companies will give me things, too, and I will keep reminding myself of that until I get to that point (and maybe after, too!). The way I see it, it really isn't in my best future interests to cry foul when those who are where I want to be get the good stuff. I just hope that the top dudes will keep it honest while making it rewarding for the deserving companies to let their goods be sampled.

Now, if Craig gets another package from AMD with plane fare and tickets to CES so that they can see him there (read his post, if you don't know what I mean by that), I'm gonna go in a corner and cry until I have no more tears left ;)

Hey, at least I'm honest!


Craig Pringle said...

What's not to love? ;)

Seriously, for what it's worth I'd cry too since CES is next week and I'll be back at work so I couldn't go anyway. (That did not stop me from searching the bag and packaging for an envelope full of tickets though. Twice.)