Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mobience Sokey Now Supports Computer Keyboard Functions

Going through my feed reader for the first time today, I noticed a post on the Tablet PC Questions forum that announced that version 3.0 of Sokey introduced support for "complete real computer keyboard functions." I'd never heard of Mobience or Sokey before today, and I decided to check it out on my R2H.

The first thing I noticed about this app was that it was the pretty eye candy that I love and that stodgy professionals eschew. As I went about testing Sokey by creating this post, I began to like it more. At first, I didn't like the voice calling out every key I pressed, but I began to see rather quickly how it often made me aware of my typos before I got too far along. I just wish the voice were male!

My decision to let Sokey speak means I will have to use my Bluetooth headset when entering text in the field. The sound can be turned off, or it can be set so that you just hear ticks.

There are a few things that wouId have made my input experience better. I wish I could say that I used Sokey to get my screen captures, but I couldn't actually find the Print Screen button. There is a place where one can apparently add custom keys, but the method wasn't immediately discernible to ne, so I just used the Windows On-Screen Keyboard. The placement of the Enter key above the Backspace key led to quite a few errors. Also, it's a little startling to hear the lady call out "zed," when I type "z."

Though I've been using Sokey about three hours, I've already decided I like it better than DialKeys, which came with my Asus R2H. Interestingiy enough, the ability to enter text with one hand delights me, while that was something I didn't want with my Pocket PC Phone.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this on the GBM forum, probably posted by the same guy. I too appreciate the snazzy look they gave it. Might give it a go-round.