Monday, March 19, 2007

HP tx1000: Changes Needed?

At work, we make, er, occasional, emphasized use of the word "opportunity." When we say that, we mean something has gone wrong, and we need to fix it. Rather than seeing it as an annoying hindrance, we are supposed to see it as a chance to improve our user's internal customer's experience, and the way we work, and, perhaps, as a chance to learn from the experience.

Judging from what I've been reading in reviews and on my favorite mobility forum of late, it seems Hewlett-Packard have developed quite an opportunity with their new Pavilion tx1000, a convertible touch screen tablet. While it is said that it's basically a decent machine, some people are reporting problems with touch screen responsivity, which detracts significantly from its usefulness as a tablet.

I've not had my hands on a tx1000, but because I'd had a similar experience with a Lenovo X60's passive digitizer, I'd begun to wonder if it's just more difficult for tablet manufacturers to make touch screens work as well on the larger models as they do on ultra-portables like the Fujitsu LifeBook P1610 and the Asus R2H. Perhaps it is, but I do not recall any reports of such issues with the touch screen version of the Motion LE1600. Then again, I can't say I recall hearing wonderful things about inking on an LE1600TS, either, and my searches for reviews come up rather blank. Has anyone had any joy using a stylus on an 12" passive digitizer?

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