Sunday, March 18, 2007

Windows Home Server Beta 2 Diary, pt 4

I know it's nothing special, but I just had to post this while on the interstate and using my ViewSonic Tablet PC V1250 and a Cingular AirCard 875!

Friday, March 9

Remembered to bring the new DVDRW drive home today after work. Also bought a couple of copies of Rise of Legends at CompUSA for 20 bucks apiece. A friend invited us out to watch The 300 with him and a couple of others, so there wasn't really time to get that last bit of hardware in the WHS machine.

Saturday, March 10
After all the bad luck I'd been having, I didn't even have the heart to try today. I played Rise of Legends, instead.

Sunday, March 11
Got the DVD burner in and did the happy dance. Windows Home Server is finally installed!

No, life wasn't done screwing with me, yet; my network connections back to the router didn't work. I wired these things myself, and I'm no cabling expert, so I figured my shoddy work needed to be redone (never mind the fact that the rest of the house seems to be working ok). I searched for my crimping tool.

Monday, March 12
I kept searching for my crimping tool. When I didn't find it, I started looking for either of my punch-down tools; I figured I'd just re-punch the surface mount jacks in the "library."

Tuesday, March 13

Wednesday, March 14
I'm ill. Let's not say it was stress, ok? I can handle this! Anyway, I found my punchythingy! I took painkillers, I yanked out cables, I cut cables, I re-pumched cables into the surface mount jacks, even taking the time to look up the proper color coding scheme. My cable tester matched all 16 lights up just as they should...and still, I got no IP assignment from the wireless router. I cut the cable on the router end and stuck a surface mount box on it, too. Cable tester reported all was well, but the router still reported dropped packets for the WHS box's MAC address. I called up a friend, who explained to me something about not untwisting the wires for more than an inch. He said this is why he gets outside work to do his cabling, because it's a pain in the rear (he owns an ISP). I decided to buy a crimping tool the next day.

Thursday, March 15
Crimpers purchased. It's game night with the friends again; I'll get nothing done. I take out my aggressions on friends who didn't spend a whole day playing Rise of Legends and were new to the game. It's ok; they'll get the hang of it, and I'll never dominate them again. I suck at strategy games.

Friday, March 16
Resist the urge to be antisocial and stay home after work. I wish I had; I really didn't want to see The 300 again, though the abs and gams were just as glorious as the week before. GLORIOUS!

Saturday, March 17
Patty brought me luck, I guess, and I didn't even drink any green beer. I whipped out my new crimping tool and the RJ-45 ends I'd scrounged up days before. I made the cable as close to specs as I could, and as the date changed, so did my luck. My Windows Home Server Beta 2 machine finally got a dadgummed IP address! It downloaded updates! I can now test, right?

Sunday, March 18
Visiting with relatives in another state all day...they're great people. I guess I'll start testing Monday. No more "diary" posts. Hopefully my next posts will have useful info about the beta...if I haven't missed out on it all just trying to get in the game.