Wednesday, March 28, 2007

(Water)Dropped Calls

Weeks after the notice went out to pick up our Vocera badges, I finally got mine. I do comprehend that it's an amazing little device, but it still seems like a monster to me; I expected something smaller. Especially since it's got to share that space on my chest with my ID badge, my time clock adminstrator badge, my flash drive and a micro-flashlight (you try earning a living crawling under people's desks without a light source!). Yes, I will be able to look down and see a virtual crowd...but not for a couple of days.

Today was a overcast day. I went over to the main site to pick up a PC I had to install at another location. It was completely unlike me to remember to pick up the communicator, but there you go. By the time I got out of the building, it was pouring. I stood under the overhang and waited for it to abate, making a dash for the car when the precipitation let up a little. I had to do a little more waiting when I got the PC to it's destination. After I completed the install, I went back to my car and noticed a familiar object glistening on the blacktop under my car door. My first thought was something like, "I couldn't even wait until I used it once before destroying it!"

The poor thing was soaked, but I'm holding out hope that I won't have to admit this to my management. You see, unlike the techs at the main site, I don't have a charger. Also, most of the sites I support don't even have wireless, and the location of my PC install was no exception. What all this means is that I had decided to take the battery out of the unfortunate device before leaving my car and shoving it into my jacket pocket, and this means it had a powerless shower. I'm hoping that I can just wait a few days for it to dry out, and that I will soon have a new medium for harrassing getting advice from my boss.