Thursday, March 15, 2007

Windows Home Server Beta 2 Diary, pt 3

Sunday, March 4
Yay! I can download the dadgummed ISO! I get the WHS ISO and the Vista Ultimate (I'm not taking any more chances with my gratis copy). The internal DVD burner I installed in my rebuilt HP Pavilion doesn't cooperate, but I have no problems with the DVD burner I'd stuck into a CD burner's USB enclosure. I can't believe it... I'm on my way!

I'm fairly bouncing over to the other room, where the machine waits. As I reach down to press the button to open the drive drawer, I realize that this machine has a CD burner with NO DVD-reading capabilities. That figures.

Hey, but I'm not done, yet. I'll just go grab my external burner, right? I bounce back to the computer room, dive though the mess of cables, and emerge triumphantly. It was the last triumphant feeling I was to have that right, because my chosen test computer would not boot from a USB disc drive, although it did offer to boot from a USB floppy drive (I don't even have any, and it wouldn't have done me any good, if I did). Strike 8!

Back to and 3-day shipping.

Thursday, March 8
Yay! My new DVD burner arrived at work!
Silly me! I went home without it! How on earth could I have forgotten it?
Ah, well, tonight's game night with the friends, so I wouldn't have time to do anything, anyway.


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