Sunday, April 15, 2007

Asus Support Makes the Grade (A)

Last week, I sent my beloved R2H off to Asus for repair, because it couldn't charge.  The adapter was loose on the motherboard.  The UMPC basically traveled to the opposite end of the US.  The lady at FedEx said it would probably arrive four days later.

The following week, I got a call from an Asus tech.  I wasn't quick enough to grab my phone, so he left a message.  Although he wasn't available when I first called, the next time I tried, "J" answered.  It was a little tough for us to understand each other, but "J" wanted to know if it was ok to reload XP Tablet PC Edition on the device.  When I gave my assent, he warned me that I would lose everything.  As I'd already done a backup (Ghost) and KillDisked the drive, I told him that wasn't a concern.  Since it seemed obvious I wouldn't need it for a while, I let my co-worker borrow my Easy Sync cable for a few days so he could transfer files from his old home PC to his new one.

Less than 24 hours later, I was headed out of the building to a staff meeting at the main site, and I casually swept my eyes over the packages at the receptionist's desk.  I was in a hurry, but my feet froze in mid-step when I saw my name on a box.  All thoughts of being on time for my meeting fled, and I grabbed the prize and went back to my area, my mind racing through possibilities, but none of them coming up with Asus--at least until I saw their name on the box.  I was stunned.  Did my R2H never get there?  If so, then why did "J" call me the day before and recite my RMA number?  The box I'd used to ship the UMPC to Asus was packaged in another box; I dove through the peanuts.  There was my baby, looking just as I'd shipped him, with one important exception:  the little pin inside the power input didn't budge.  It stayed right in the center.  Because I didn't want to overly antagonize my management (before TechEd 2007, anyway!), I stowed the device in my office and went to my meeting.  Fortunately for me, anyone who could write me up made it in after I did!

Since I was completely unprepared to receive my computer the day after the technician basically let me know they were looking at my machine, I didn't have a battery or ac adapter with me.  I had to wait until I got home (or really, to a friend's house, since it was game night) to see if it would charge.  Oh, the joy I took in seeing that little red light on the bottom of my R2H!  It was indecent!

Thank you, Asus!  This former substitute teacher gives you an A!!!!!