Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TechEd 2007: Day 3 (June 6th)

Did a day go by where I didn't hit the User Productivity booth?


Fatigue set in. I thought this would be restful. I wasn't doing any work, after all; I was just sitting around listening to people talk, taking notes on my cool, little UMPC, asking my questions after the sessions, because I wasn't about to bleat ignorantly on the microphones for all to hear. Dashing from one side of the hugemonstrous convention center to the other with a goody-laden backpack did take some effort, but it wasn't a trek though the Himalayas. My suspicions that someone had underestimated the Mountain Dew consumption rate of geeks was strengthened.

Sessions I attended:

  • Security Fundamentals in the 2007 Microsoft Office Clients
  • Top 10 Features is windows Mobile 6 (I was excited about this one for weeks)
  • Mobile Messaging and Device security and Management
  • Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP: Technical overview and Product Roadmap
  • How to Effectively Manage Your Organization's Mobile PC with Windows Vista

I felt as though I had too much focus on Windows Mobile 6 and not enough on Vista and Office 2007, but it's kind of the way the scheduling worked out with my preferences. I often felt like I had to choose between a great Vista session or a great WM session, and since I'd been using Vista since 2005, but had only read about WM6 on blogs and other tech sites, I had to go with the more unfamiliar ground to get more balance.

I meant to attend the Women in Technology luncheon, but I'd hit the Partner Expo to locate a vendor booth, as requested by my SMS admin, and time got away from me. Lieberman Software's product looked really cool to me (not that I have a lot to compare it with).

This was a short day; the last session on the schedule ended at 6:45. I was at a loss for what to do with myself, so I caught a shuttle and fought with the hotel wireless before composing and emailing my report to my management. The thought that the dream was more than halfway over weighed heavily on my mind.

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