Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TechNet Event: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Forefront Client Security


You'd think after spending a blissful but exhausting week at TechEd 2007 that I'd be settled down at the usual work routine -- what passes for one for me, anyway -- for a while, but less than two weeks later, I showed up at a TechNet event. I'd actually registered for this shindig before I learned I would be going to TechEd, but I still looked forward to it.

Microsoft's Matt Hester was our speaker at the sessions. I'm pretty sure he was the same guy who spoke at the Vista launch I was too lazy to blog about.
Hester's the guy on the left. Are those supposed to be safety helmets on the kids' heads? If you think this photo quality was poor, you should see the ones I took when Hester was speaking.


Tablet Guy was furious with me for not taking him to TechEd. I thought I'd make it up to him.

Of course this was Vista Guy's show!

So, I heard more talk about Windows Recovery Environment, ReadyBoost, Server Core, Read-Only Domain Controllers, Forefront Client Security, and lot of other things. I got to enjoy the We Share Your Pain video again.

Matt saw me using my R2H to take notes and asked me about it. I think he took a liking to Vista Guy, too. Matt, if you ever see this, Vista Guy laughed at all of your jokes!

 This event will be held in the very near future in Iowa, Arkansas, Mississippi and other states in the US.

The tangibles I took away from my well-spent four hours.