Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Was in My TechEd 2007 Bag?

There was a LOT of stuff in my TE07 bag, but I'm only going to mention the gadgets.


Not pictured is my Sprint PPC-6700.  Judging by the quality of the photo, it's kind of obvious what that beloved Pocket PC Phone was doing at the time, but just in case you haven't guessed, it was taking the picture.  Yeah, I'm slamming on the phone, but you know I wouldn't be caught without it.  When the wireless at the conference and the hotel let me down, sometimes the phone helped me up.  Only sometimes, because when the redshirts closed the doors, I'd often lose my cellular signal.

That cable wrapped around everything is my Lil' Sync® Pro Cable.  In conjunction with the Lil' Sync® AA Battery adapter (just above the Ultra-Mobile PC), it helped to keep my phone charged all day and part of the night.  Thanks, Pocket PC Techs!  Occasionally, I was a bit too much for it, but we're talking 12-hour days, here, and me snapping pics, tweeting and reading my favorite techie blogs during the breaks.

 On top of the R2H case is my Nokia phone from work; it doesn't do much, other than keep a charge forever and make phone calls (yeah, yeah, I know, some people like that kind of thing!), so I don't even know what model it is.  Its lack of features is my own fault; when the folks who were ordering phones asked for my advice, I didn't know I was picking my own phone, as well as what others in the department were getting, so I was honest.  I'll bet they won't ask me again!  Anyway, I carried the Nokia as emergency backup.

The little silver device on top of the case is my Hawking wireless USB stick.  I used to hate it, but when my Asus R2H's WiFi went unstable on me in Vista, it came in really handy.  You can imagine how I felt, then, when the Vista troubleshooter reported that this device isn't supported.  At any rate, I seem to have stabilized the internal wireless card in the past few days (but that's a different post).

I'm well known for overkill, so my bag also contained several stylus-pen combos (including the one I picked up from the User Productivity booth I harrassed frequented.  I'd brought the USB mini-keyboard and my cool, see-through Vista mini-mouse, but I discovered that I hadn't brought my keyboard's cable, so they weren't toted.

The largest items in the bag (not counting the giant stack of Groove documentation on the last day) would be my Asus R2H Ultra-Mobile PC, its case, and the spare battery.  I took notes (in OneNote) on that R2H every day, pretty much every session.  Yeah, it was heaven.



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