Monday, July 02, 2007

Jumping on the iPhone Bandwagon -- Blogging, not Buying!

My Sprint PPC-6700, my boss' 8GB iPhone and a fellow technician's Cingular 8125
(Thanks, J, K and R!)

At least three of my co-workers bought iPhones on launch day, and I got to get my hands on a couple the following day. My first thought was that it was a wide fellow, but oh-so wafer thin!
Some of you love that. Me, I'm thinking the first time I dropped that puppy, I'd be in mourning for a week. Look, I dropped my Sprint PPC-6700 the first day I got it, and I've been dropping it ever since. In the year I've had it, I've not had to use my insurance at all. I bet the iPhone doesn't bounce like that!

It's as gorgeous in real life as it is in the pictures. I think there's been one other time in my life I would have not felt ridiculous calling a bit of technology "sexy." At the moment, I cannot recall when that other time was.

I got to see the multi-touch for myself. I love how this guy responds to finger movements and changes in alignment. I wondered, though, how my boss could possibly use that little virtual keyboard with his thick fingers.
Sunday, at a friend's house, I tried the keyboard out. I made sure to use wide parts of my fingers (since I'm small for an adult, and have proportionately small hands, I couldn't possibly come close to matching my boss' experience, but it's the best I could do). The results weren't always right, but I was surprised at the level of accuracy!

To my untrained ears, it didn't sound any better playing "White and Nerdy" through external speakers than my 6700. I assume the wheat is separated from the chaff when buds are in use.
It wasn't until I checked out my friend's phone that I learned about the iPhone's ability to find and watch YouTube videos. I am so jealous! I want YouTube on my phone! Microsoft, get on it (yes, I just learned about, and no, it's not doing squat for me)!

Photos of my friend's iPhone YouTubing. He was jealous of my phone's ability to do photo bursts. Can the iPhone not burst, or is it that he hasn't learned how, yet?

Note: Picture quality is definitely due to limitations of my phone!

I was asked several times during the weekend (and once today) if I was getting an iPhone. I seem to have acquired a totally undeserved reputation for getting the latest and the greatest cool tech; not sure how that happened! As lovely as the device is, it will not become part of my arsenal, for several reasons:
  1. I have one year left on a contract with Sprint, and little desire to leave, even when my year is up. I like paying only $15 a month for PCS Vision.
  2. My work email account is on Exchange. I want the push, the whole push, and nothing but the push. I do not want to use iCal to sync my calendar, nor can I right now (although I should have a MacBook in the next couple of weeks). I do not want to have to connect to a larger device (PC or Mac) to sync my contacts. I want to sync my tasks, too.
  3. I think the flattie-hottie would shatter into hundreds of pieces in my first week of ownership. It just looks fragile. It felt solid, but I couldn't get over the impression of frailty.
  4. AT&T? No, thanks!
  5. The option to tether is non-negotiable. It will be allowed, or there will be no purchase. Sprint, pay attention, please, because I will be thinking about a new phone in...uh...ok, I'm thinking about it now, but we will be talking in 12 months, unless you force me to stay with the 6700 due to lack of tethering options.
  6. Me, shell out over $350 bucks (after taxes) for a phone? It had better be part Ultra-Mobile PC!
Anyway, I was happy for the photo ops.

Here's my friend's 8GB iPhone on top of my Asus R2H.

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