Monday, July 09, 2007

Everun Overun

The UMPC/mobility community has been all atwitter about the Raon Digital Everun, and I've just been sitting back and letting the jealousy soak in. Folks like Uber Tablet's/GottaBeMobile's Hugo Ortega and UMPC Portal's Chippy have been seriously wowing us with videos and deets. I was riding the wave of excitement for quite some time, but for different reasons than the others. This device excites me, not because of what it is now, but what it presages.

Anyone who's read what I've written or listened to me for half a minute knows I love my ultra-portable, ultra-mobile machines, and the Everun definitely fits the bill; he's cute, too! However, though the Everun has my required digitizer, it comes with Windows XP Home, not the superset of Windows XP Pro with the Tablet PC bits, so no Tablet Input Ink! With a 600 MHz processor, the improved tablet functionality of Windows Vista is out of reach, as well. It's like buying the canvas and paintbrushes, but instead of getting some nice watercolors or oils, you whip out last Easter's egg coloring kit. But oh, I'm so glad the canvas has been spread! From cave drawings to Michael Whelan, baby!

Another thing about the Everun that appeals to me is the potential for staying connected. As Hugo demonstrates, the right sim card in one of these babies can get you communication---voice as well as data. For this road warrior, whose work-issued Cingular AirCard was deactivated while attending a conference in another state, that HSDPA thing the Everun has going is enticing. Reality is that this self-same geek is firmly in the less expensive EVDO camp, but figures all of God's signals will one day be received by the Everun's successors. Can I get an "amen?"

Up to six seven hours of battery life on a standard battery? Yes, please!

I'd prefer it to the iPhone (at least I'd have a chance of synchronizing all my PIM data with my employer's Exchange server), and I'd like to look it over, for sure, but the Everun is not for me. In my case, the Everun attraction is in what it can and should become. It is the torch, lighting the way.

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Chippy said...

Yup, the Everun isn't really for tablet fans.

I did a quick video for a few of the portal members yesterday. It highlights the problem with the soft touch screen.

The Miniature Mage said...

Chippy, the video showing your use of EN and GB on the Everun was quite cool. Thanks for doing what you do!