Monday, August 27, 2007

Too Much Mobility Weighing You Down?'s Rob Bushway, who was known as the Man of Many Tablets (before his fellow Microsoft Tablet MVP and GBM-er, Hugo Ortega, revealed that he was apparently opening his own mobility museum) is contemplating lightening his considerable load. As I read his post, I mentally compared his stockpile with my own -- not that there's much of a comparison.

  • Like Rob, I've got a neat eval tablet that I will have to relinquish. Unlike Rob, I can't talk about it.
  • Rob recently purchased a new tablet to review; he also has another. I still have only my 3 yr-old ViewSonic Tablet PC V1250 as my only tablet (unless you want to count my Fujitsu Point 510 and my Fujitsu Stylistic 2300). I'm not planning to buy another full-sized tablet, because the UMPC form factor works for me.
  • Like Rob, I have a UMPC. Unlike Rob, mine is an Asus R2H.
  • Rob has a MacBook. I have a PowerBook Duo 250. I get color (via external monitor) and LAN access when it's in the DuoDock.While its the only mobile in my Apple Arsenal, it's not the best fruit-flavored machine; I also have a beige G3 with a dead hard drive. If I appear to be crying, I'm just laughing with you...really.
  • I also differ from Rob in that I have no UMPC to evaluate, and no itty-bitty, like his OQO.
  • Last on Rob's impressive list is an internet tablet. Does my ePods count? What about my Fujitsu PenCentra 130? No,I didn't think so.
  • I've also got a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop.

Am I thinking about thinning my list? Well, I've been planning to get down to one Fujitsu for over a year; naturally, I'd be keeping the 2300. After learning about the handwriting recognition now available for Linux, I wonder if I could try it out on that. I'd actually like to replace my four ancient Macs with something that could run OSX well; no X Post Facto for me, thanks! I'd love to have something that runs Parallels, but that is just a dream. There's really no reason to keep the Gateway around, except that it's my only Gateway. and I like having different brands around. It's time for me to get a better desktop; if I get a Gateway, then I will feel compelled free to give away the laptop, and that is currently the plan. Counting even the ancient devices I hardly ever touch, I'd go from nine portables to five. Maybe I should consider losing the ePods, especially since I'm thinking about getting an HTC Shift (I'll not be getting rid of the R2H, I assure you!).

You know, this sounds rather meme-ish to the Mage. Hey, Sumocat, do you need a U-Haul for your portables?




Leonard Low said...

Heh heh... a common dilemma for road warriors. :) You might like to check out my gear bag - I've managed to get my daily payload down to 1.5kg total. :)

The Miniature Mage said...

Thanks for telling me about your setup, Leonard! I was all about the Windows Mobile setup a few years ago, until we went VPN. I never got Movian to work, then Movian became unavailable. In addition to that, the Office apps were not quite enough back then (well, Excel, really, because I had TextMaker), and that just drove me back to operating systems with more options. I still have to have WM in my phone, though!