Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tech Thoughts Keeping Me Awake - And Not in a Good Way

Perhaps if I write about it and expose my demons to the world, I can get back to sleep. Here goes.

I keep having this dream tonight. I end up in a room with Stealey and McCaslin. I don't actually see processors floating around, but I always know what I'm up against, and keep trying to distance myself. Sometimes I'm walking away, and sometimes no walking is involved; instead, I think myself away. No matter what, somehow, I always end up back in the same room, with Stealey and McCaslin exploding (literally) in my face. Every time I find that I've returned to the demonic duo, I wake up (I won't claim that it's out of horror, but you make your own conclusions). Returning to sleep returns me to Stealey and McCaslin and the race to escape. After several rounds of this, I'm having trouble getting back to sleep. My body is in "fight or flight" response.

I guess I know what's brought this on. I had my bouts with HTC Shift mania. First I wanted one (when I saw Hugo's video), then I didn't (when I learned it was sporting Intel's 800-MHz A110 processor), then I wanted one again (when I learned it might be faster than my current UMPC, an Asus R2H). After returning from a sort of unintentional vacation from the mobile tech world (as much as one who works in tech support can have, anyway), I came back to reports that the Windows Mobile 6 in the Shift, which had so attracted me before, was some sort of Sideshow-like BIOS that doesn't have all the features of WM6 (still pretty cool, but not what I'm looking for), and that battery life (which was why Shift was supposedly going with a slower processor in the first place) could be "up to" two hours. While I'd decided a couple of weeks ago to spend my new UMPC fund on a new MacBook -- I ought to have one modern, functioning Mac, don't you think? -- I'd still thought a Shift was in my future...and then I read my feeds tonight, not stopping until it was past my bedtime. You'd have thought someone who'd read as many Stephen King and Dean Koontz novels as I have could handle it.

This isn't April Fools' Day, and I'm so not exaggerating. With my (possibly pathetic) story told, I'm going to try to go back to sleep; however, this time, there will be a Tablet PC with a Core Solo processor in the room to keep the demons at bay. It's a lot like cuddling with Winnie the Pooh, when you really need Hobbes at your side, but it's the best I've got. If I thought sleeping in the kitchen close to my RS/6000 would help, I'd do it.



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