Sunday, September 23, 2007

Verizon Tosses that "Unlimited" Word Around Again

The folks who admitted -- reluctantly and under fire, I might add -- that "unlimited" meant "no more than five gigabytes per month" when it came to their data service have applied their now-dubious adjective to VZ Navigator. I'm definitely not interested, but I'm curious as to how far someone would get on a long trip before Verizon pulled the switch for exceeding the limits (I'm pretty sure the commercial didn't say). Does unlimited mean 500 miles in Verizon-speak? 5000?

Seriously, I've got to wonder which navigation method would be more reliable: 

  1. A paper map in a rainstorm (while driving a convertible)
  2. A navigation service from a company that says a service is unlimited but shuts you off without warning for using said service too much

I think I'll go with option one. Even if it was in more than one piece, a soggy map would still be available. While paper maps obviously have their limits, the folks selling them don't try to convince consumers otherwise.



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