Thursday, October 11, 2007

And Lo, the Fruity Suit Begins

We all knew it was coming, right? The iPhone geeks were happy, as long as they could hack their way out of their manacles, but I guess the crippling patch was the feather that broke the camel's back...either that, or it just took that long to finalize the act of siccing the legal beagles. My initial response was elation; of course people should be able to use the phones they desire on the networks they desire! My second response, as an Apple shareholder, was "uh-oh, what's this going to do to my tiny pile of beans?" I settled down to a positive reaction, though, since I'd agreed with what I'd read elsenet, that more networks where iPhones can work, and work without outrageous roaming fees and threat of disconnection, means that more people will want iPhones. Not only that, but the iPhone's increased success will mean that the baby will grow up and become useful to someone like me. The non-GSM user in me decided that even if the iPhone never goes CDMA, its success will mean that Microsoft will have to make major, greatly needed adjustments to Windows Mobile phones (many of which do work on CDMA networks) to get users to continue to choose their brand. I'm seeing a couple of wins for me in this news, and I don't even have an iPhone!


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