Sunday, October 28, 2007

This Mac/PC Video Will Never Be Shot

Mac: Gurgle...gurgle
PC: And I'm a PC--er, what the heck did you just say?
Mac: Gurgle...blub
PC: Mac, what the heck happened to you? Your shirt looks like it's been shredded by claws!
Mac: Blub...gack!
PC: Did something chew on your neck, or are you into some new piercing fetish?
Mac: Leo...gurgle
PC: Something's definitely not right here. Mac, you're turning blue! Come on, we've got to get you off the floor.
Mac: (screams, although not too effectively with his jugular ripped out)
PC: Somebody help! Mac's been savaged by a Leopard!

I'd have had Leopard ordered already for my 9 day-old MacBook, but the Apple Store seems to think I don't exist. I wonder if this means I'll never again be able to play the songs I bought from iTunes. Rock on, FairPlay. Think the RIAA would believe me if I told them Cupertino lost my credentials? Yeah, yeah, I know, the move is being made toward DRMless, and I've emailed the folks at Apple to see if they can help me out, but I have to have my say.