Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dell Latitude XT takes it off!

GottaBeMobiler and Tablet PC MVP Rob Bushway had a problem, and Dell solved it. Rob found that the digitizer grid on his brand new Latitude XT Tablet PC was just too distracting during usage, so the company contacted him and sent a technician with a new LCD/digitizer assembly. Rob snapped some pics of his new kid whilst it was en deshabille. Click the image below if you're like me and into nekkid tech action (hey, don't give me that look; it's part of my job, and I might as well enjoy it!).

The Dell-certified technician in me noted that it seems LCD replacements will be simpler in one respect and more difficult in another as compared to pre-D620 D series Latitude notebooks (my users haven't broken any D620s or D630s yet). The tech Dell sent apparently arrived with the screen as a whole unit; he had no need to pop the rubber tops off the screws, pull apart the top plastics and separate anything from the brackets as I've done with D600s and D610s. However, the technician had to pull antenna wires out of, then back through the back of the unit, which I have not had to do unless replacing a motherboard. Since I've seen only one XT in our organization, and I did resist the urge to take it apart, I will have to reserve judgment for a while.