Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Forget wishing on a star; Tweet!

Does Twitter have the power to fix your problem? Today, at the Web 2.0 Expo, attendees who wanted to take photos at the Google booth were turned down. The messages from disappointed tweeters flew back and forth. Eventually, the texts took a more positive turn; someone had contacted Google PR and received a reply via email. The Googlers staffing the Expo booth were told they didn't have to prohibit photos. "Twitter wins again," was the next thing I read.

Interestingly enough, a problem that had been plaguing us for many months at my workplace suddenly became resolved within 48 hours after I posted my annoyance to Tumblr. Since I use Twitterfeed to send my Tumblelogs to Twitter (thank you, Stan Schroeder!), a note about my woes would have shown up there, as well. Do I really think our software vendor saw my complaint on Twitter and decided to make amends? No, but I can dream...or I could test it by posting about a problem I'm having with another of the vendor's applications.

I wonder what other problems have been resolved when tweets attack (I vaguely remember something about Comcast and Twitter, but I've succumbed to allergens and medication and can fight the brainfog only just enough to post this bit). I eagerly await the chance to see what else gets fixed by the Twitter community!