Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How many times did I tell you I wouldn't be wasting my money on an iPhone?

Thanks to electrical issues, I haven't beem able to ride the scootercycle's for twelve whole days. I was desperate for something to occupy my mind, you know, before the devil found more work for my hands. I ended up forking over a small wad of cash to get my hands on my co-worker's 1st-gen iPhone. That's the only way I could go, since I didn't want to be locked into a terribly expensive contract with a company that doesn't even consider allowing tethering, and, while I am out of contract with Sprint, I have little desire to leave them. Yes, my carrier-less iPhone is basically an iPod Touch, but it can become a phone, if I whack my head on something hard and change my mind. Now, what shall I get into? Oh, yeah, EverNote was the FIRST app I installed!

Based on prior observations, I should at least be able to get better photographs than my Mogul puts out. Sorry, HTC, I do love you, but that means I can kindly tell you that you could have done a better job. Perhaps the CDMA version of the Touch Pro will have the quality -- and that includes decent RAM -- to get me back into a commitment. With that said, I've got some playing to do.