Monday, November 03, 2008

iPhone email ego battles

My second-hand iPhone whispers seductively in my ear. He feels incomplete without a service provider. “WiFi is great, but it isn’t enough,” he laments.

My co-worker told me today that we can’t get corporate discounts on anything iPhone from AT&T, cementing, bricking, mortaring and asphalting my decision to stay away. “You don’t understand!” the iPhone cries. “I’m simply not used to working offline!”

I smirked. “That, my dear boy, is painfully evident! Let’s have a little discussion about how cached email really should work when one isn’t connected. Better yet, why don’t you just read what Nadyne Mielke has to say.”

No, that was not me checking out basic phone/data plans at the T-Mobile site a few hours ago.



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