Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanks, Facebook, I think you botched it again

You see, I'm pretty sure I had my wall visible to everyone before your meddling. My posts were set by default to be invisible to a couple of groups of people; since permissions for individual posts can't be set from phones, this seemed the way to handle things for when I'm out and about. If I really wanted a post to be visible to all friends or a broader group, then I'd find a PC for that status update, link, etc.

Now, it seems you've gone and "fixed" things so that individuals in my default "no-see" categories can't see my wall and, therefore, the posts I intended for them. Giving them the ability to see the posts they should apparently means setting the default for new posts to a visibility level I did not desire. My friend was right, I suppose, when he said during our BSD arguments that simpler just means having fewer options.

Can you be any more annoying?