Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waking up to tech woes

A tech-head who spends too much time playing with technology late at night needs help waking up. Sometimes, it's just hard to find good help. My mornings go something like this:

Standard alarm clock: "Howdy! I am loud, and I have nine-minute snooze intervals. In addition to beeping, I can play the radio for you!"
Me: "What can I do with nine minutes? That's entirely too short, and I don't want some radio personality blathering at me when I am trying to go back to sleep wake up!"
HTC HD7 phone with Windows Phone 7: "Check me out! I have five-minute snooze intervals, and you can set different alarms for different days of the week!"
Me: "Five minutes? That's worse than the alarm clock! Not to mention I don't like ANY of your alarm sounds; why can't I set what I want? No, no, please don't cry; your SharePoint and Office Live support is really nice, but it just won't get me out of bed."

Samsung Moment with Android 2.1: "I can set alarms for different days of the week, too! And if you choose me, you can have 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- or 30-minute snooze intervals. Plus, I can crow like a rooster!"
Me: "Annoying rooster noises aside, that would be GREAT...as long as you aren't stuck in a reboot loop...you know, kind of like the one you were stuck in this morning!"

iPhone 3G: "If you would just take me out of the backpack sometimes--"
Me: "Shhh! Grown people are sleeping!"

Lacking an extremely reliable device that has truly flexible alarm options, I almost always use the Moment as the primary alarm clock. As a backup for when the Moment is having one of its moments of FAIL, the HD7 is set to go off at the last minute, in case I'm not yet awake and getting ready for work, the workout, or play.