Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Auburn WBB coach, champions don't quit!

University of Kentucky Hoops hosted the women of Auburn today, and I had the pleasure to attend. Yes, the scoring was very lopsided, and the Auburn coach had the poor grace to complain. Sure, it hurt me when my beloved Alcorn State University (which, by the way, dear UK announcer, is pronounced ALL-CORN, not AL-CORN) was so horribly mauled by my Cats (I'm an alum of both schools), but I understood. The Wildcats are champions, and champions do not quit. Conference play started just weeks ago, and I do not anticipate every game will be this lopsided. A game that's pretty much in the books is still an opportunity to practice and hone skills against an opponent. UK Hoops have to be prepared for tougher games, when the score is much closer, and that means not shutting down when any game is all but assured, because what you practice now will be what you play later. You, Terri Williams-Flournoy, ought to know that as well as anyone. It's not about you. It's not about Auburn. It's about being champions. It's about the 40 Minutes!

[Yeah, this is not at all a post about technology, but my non-tech blog was killed by Microsoft long ago, and I figured I might as well start putting my non-tech posts here; that way, maybe I will actually start posting again]

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