Sunday, July 21, 2013

How does your site look on mobile devices?

The screenshot above was lifted from Inside BruCrew Life. Interestingly enough, I have only one issue with the site; while I'm no expert on web design by any stretch of the imagination, I think they gave some thought to making it easy to access their site from mobile devices. I'm glad that it's so easy to share the content you find there, but it's difficult to read the content on my iPhone 5 (with Safari or Chrome) and my Motorola Photon 4G (native Browser or Firefox), because the share links obscure the text and part of the photos

So let's say that, incredibly, you have a website and don't have the kind of technology obsession that propels you to own multiple mobile devices. How can you make sure your pages look great on phones and tablets you don't own? Here's a link, for starters:

I created this post from my iPhone, so I can't make the link pretty. It should still be useful (I hope).
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