Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Knew; Now You Do: Women Prefer the Tech, Too!

Perhaps I'm not as rare as I thought; could it be there are other women in the world who eschew Prada in favor of plasma, make much of Motion Computing, rather than Mary Kay, and cruise past Cartier at the first glimpse of CompUSA? According to USA today, the results of a survey conducted by Oxygen Network indicates that femmes facile are out there in force, and there's no need to talk down to them (or should I say us?).

You got that, boys? I don't need a PDA phone painted to match a lipstick shade, and if I'm out shopping for technology, chances are I've already looked up the specs and know more about it than the average kid on the sales floor! Teal might be nice...er, I mean, don't just try to sell us form; we want the function, too! Just don't try to engage me in TV talk; I prefer the interactive screen, thank you.

Tags: Women in Technology, Technology


Tracy Hooten said...

Heck yah :-D.

I wouldn't mind more colorful electronics, but don't try to sell me a phone with pink fuzzies or butterflies. I love it when I go to Best Buy and they ask if I need any help and I say I don't but then they start showing me this "new laptop that the screen turns" or point me towards the cheapest phone with text messaging.

Oh well, sometimes it is fun to see the shock factor when you strat talking tech back :-P.