Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Will System Administration Jobs Go the Way of the Phone Support Jobs?

A friend once told me, having gone this route, himself, that when I'd paid my dues in PC support, then one day I could hope to convince someone that I should take on a heftier role, such as server support. After reading The incredible shrinking sysadmin over at, I have my doubts, or, rather, more than I did before. I'll spare you all the "what will become of we Americans who need to have decent-paying jobs in order to give corporations money for products" spiel; you probably read it when corporations offshored their programmers and end-user technical support, and the concerns aren't any different. However, if overseas sysadmins became all the rage, I will, perhaps, suggest that the next step should be offshoring our CEOs. Think of the billions that could be saved!